Terra Alba

Terra alba is also called calcium sulfate or gypsum. It is a perfect source of calcium which is used for a number of purposes. It's most often used as a preservative and a food additive in the form of tablets or supplements. For 2000 years the Chinese have used terra alba to coagulate soy milk for the production of cheese tofu. It is also widely used to manufacture some kinds of medicines. For example, plaster of Paris is a obtained by mixing terra alba and water. It is also used as a plant fertilizer.
Terra alba is very important for people as deficiency in calcium leads to hair loss, weakening of teeth and bones, cramps, brittle nails, fatigue, high cholesterol, and yellow teeth. Taking terra alba helps to treat ailments connected with calcium deficiencies, such osteoporosis. Terra alba is taken in the form of dietary supplements, tofu, etc. Consumption of terra alba in any form is essential as it prevents brittle nails, fractures, and fatigue.

Even though terra alba plays an important role in the prevention of calcium deficiency, its excessive usage may lead to some side effects, such as gas, swelling of the abdomen. Not frequent side effects of terra alba include: feeling like throwing up, incomplete or infrequent bowel movements, intensive abdominal pain. Rare side effects of terra alba include: high amount of calcium in blood, formation of stones in kidneys, loss of appetite.
For adults and children more than six years of age terra alba is used to treat symptoms of allergies, such as watery and itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, irritations and skin rash. Terra alba is also used to treat itchy skin that resulted from insect bites, as well as other health conditions such as measles or chicken pox. Terra alba works by blocking the histamine effects. Histamine is a substance released by the human cells that are responsible for appearance of allergy symptoms. Talk to your doctor before taking terra alba.