Red Raspberry Leaf Powder

Red raspberry is a source of numerous vitamins and minerals. Its leaf has been used in medicine for many centuries. Red raspberry leaf proves to be effective for the treatment of such gastrointestinal (GI) tract disorders, as diarrhea. It also helps to cope with respiratory system disorders, such as swine flu and flu; for vitamin deficiency, heart problems, diabetes, and fever.
Due to its ability to promote bile production, urination, and sweating, red raspberry leaf is sometimes used for purification of blood and skin. Women often use red raspberry leaf for heavy or painful periods, preventing miscarriage, morning sickness due to pregnancy, and improving labor and delivery. Red raspberry leaf can be also applied to the skin for treating skin rash and sore throat. This product works due to the chemicals it contains which possess antioxidant effects. These chemicals relax blood vessels, can make the muscles contract or relax - it depends on the dose.

Red raspberry leaf and fruit is considered to be safe for most adults when consumed in food amounts and even in larger medicinal amounts. There are no reports about any side effects from using red raspberry. Even though it is considered to be safe eating red raspberry in the amounts found in foods during pregnancy and breast-feeding, direct supervision of a doctor is extremely important.
Red raspberry leaf is safe for use in medicinal amounts during the third trimester of pregnancy, however, a healthcare provider should supervise the therapy flow. Red raspberry leaf is allowed for usage by nurse midwives for improving and easing the delivery process. However, it is not recommended to be taken on one's own. The red raspberry leaf might function like the hormone estrogen, which can be potentially harmful for the pregnancy. Little is known about the safety of red raspberry leaf during breast-feeding, that's why it's advised not to take unnecessary risks.