Chromium Polynicotinate

Chromium plays an important role in the human body connected with blood sugar and fat control as well as weight loss, it is used even in such supplements as Dominant Testo read more than Virmax T Review. Sugar in the blood can not be transformed into energy without chromium. If the body lacks this element it must take it from the blood vessels and it is not very good for their health. Chromium improves the effect of insulin on insulin glucose transporters, receptors, and glycogen synthase. The latter is the enzyme converting glucose to glycogen.
Chromium also metabolizes fat and balances cholesterol. Some studies have shown that these processes help to decrease 'bad' cholesterol level and raise 'good' cholesterol level. Chromium is also known to inhibit resistin. It is the hormone that leads to insulin resistance in fat cells (adipocytes).
Obese people may benefit from consuming chromium to decrease sugar transformation to body fat. It will be more effective in combination with a proper diet and regular exercises. Signs of chromium sufficiency include sugar cravings as well as cravings for products high in refined carbohydrate, palpitations, fatigue, dizziness.

Chromium polynicotinate is a popular form of mineral chromium. It may lead to various side effects if taken by mouth or applied to the skin. Some people may feel dizziness. A slight rash is the most spread side effect that may occur when the element is applied to the skin. Some patients experience dreams after they start taking chromium. It may be difficult to fall asleep if chromium is taken before bedtime. But the vivid dreams usually tend to stop in a few weeks. One can avoid insomnia by taking chromium in the morning.
Chromium polynicotinate may prevent iron from absorption in the human body. But people can avoid this potential side effect by taking iron and chromium at different times. People who stop taking chromium may suffer from headaches. This can be a sign of a glucose tolerance problem. There were no toxic effects registered due to chromium supplementation. F there occur any side effects the maximum daily dose of a supplement should be lowered.