Principles of Healthy Living

Drink several glasses of purified water daily. Guide for the average person is 1/2 oz. per pound of body weight. Drink more if you are actively perspiring or have an illness.

Exercise to increase cardiovascular performance, improve circulation, maintain bones and ensure proper lymphatic drainage. When our lymphatic system is congested, our bodies are struggling to eliminate waste, eg; ear infections, sinus congestion, tonsilitis, appendicitis.

Adequate resting and time for recreational and leisure activities helps to balance the body, mind and spirit. Sometimes stress (look Black Ant Pills) can affect even the male potency is said about it in Black Ant Pills. There is more to life than work. When you look back, do you reflect on the good times you had staying late at the office or the time you spent playing with your child or dancing with your partner?

During deep sleep our bodies manage to become rejuvenated. The fast-paced lifestyle which encourages sleep deprivation encourages substance abuse.

Substance abuse is on the rise because it offers an "easy way" to deal with the discomforts and symptoms of ill health, emotional pain and boredom or loneliness. Street drugs, prescription drug dependance, alcohol, caffine, nicotine and even sugar seldom provide over the long-term what a person desires in the short-term.

We eat heavily processed and refined foods and don't want to take the time to prepare meals from scratch or choose to eat at least half of our foods raw. The food we buy in the grocery store often is grown in nutrient depleted soil and sprayed with an average of 12 pesticides and herbicides.

Our digestive systems are not functioning optimally and we don't know what to do about it. Eating more alkaline foods, avoiding transfatty acids, supplementing with digestive enzymes, practising food combining, fasting to allow the liver, gall bladder, pancreas and kidney to rest is truly what preventative health care is all about.

Our dietary challenges are much greater than that of our ancestors because of how we've polluted our enviroment. There is a link between enviromental sensitivities and type II food allergies, also known as intolerances and sensitivities. Besides doing all we can to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals, etc. is to practise food rotation and eat a greater variety of foods.

Our immune systems are weakened by exposure to enviromental contaminants, lack of exercise or rest or nutrients, emotional/mental stress, and many other factors such as those listed above. Enviromental medicine which includes serums for pollen, grasses, moulds, dustmites, etc.; megavitamin therapy; and food elimination diets work together to boost our immune system.

Avoiding condtipation should be a focal point for the average North American who eliminates every 72 hours. Not only should we strive to pass two to three bowel movements daily ( with the help of psyllium seed husk) but we should use supplements to cleanse our bowels of built-up fecal plaque and to re-establish colonies of friendly intestinal bacteria especially following antibiotics.

Our liver is our life. The liver plays an integral role in lessening the effects of enviromental pollutants by either storing or breaking down poisons. We also rely on it several times each day as it produces bile to digest our fats. When we rejuvenate this multi-faceted organ we claim vitality and energy. We also benefit from much improved moods owing to a healthier glandular system.

All of our organs can benefit from detoxification protocols which include fasting, alternating hot and cold water applications, herbal supplements to nourish, cleanse or protect our organs, and plenty of clear fluids like water, herbal teas and alkalizing vegetable broths.

Supplements such as vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids (eg. flax seed) play an important role in prevention as well as treating chronic diseases. The big misconception, however, is that supplements are the answer to everyone's health problems. They should be used only after muscle testing for uncovering possible intolerances. With some people, significant digestive disorders must be corrected in order to improve absorption.

Many major health challenges such as heart disease and cancer are associated with both a fungus called candida albicans and parasite infection. Often both conditions are present at the same time as they thrive in the dark, moist, de-oxygenated areas in the bowels. Both can be effectively treated with herbal products and proper nutrition as well as other holistic therapies.

Holistic medicine encompasses treating the body, mind, emotions and spirit together. It is possible to have physical symptoms when the root of the problem is linked to emotions or mental anxiety and visa versa. As all aspects of our lives are interrelated, it is best to treat the whole person. Every holistic therapy offers assistance at each level- one only needs to be open-minded and find a reputable practioner.